Meaning of proportioned in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈpɔːʃənd/


with submodifier
  • Having dimensions or a comparative relationship of parts of a specified type.

    ‘she was tall and perfectly proportioned’
    • ‘The accommodation offers a traditionally proportioned lounge with original fire surround and natural wood doors.’
    • ‘He's one of the guys that actually have a reasonably proportioned nose in comparison to their face.’
    • ‘It could be the Pantheon, surely one of Rome's most significant and finely proportioned structures.’
    • ‘Despite her size and girth, however, she was well proportioned and attractive with blue or green eyes and light colored hair that was sometimes described as reddish.’
    • ‘The craft was well proportioned and attractive.’
    • ‘Incidentally, it shrunk into a perfectly proportioned kid's size 8 or 10 sweater, so I gave it to my little niece.’
    • ‘It was only the size of one of Katie's baby dolls, but it was perfectly proportioned and anatomically correct.’
    • ‘While in need of some modernisation, the accommodation is bright and generously proportioned throughout.’
    • ‘Indian society traditionally favors more generously proportioned women than demanded in the modeling and beauty-queen business.’
    • ‘Women are bombarded with lifestyle images of perfectly proportioned celebrities who seem to have everything, without much effort.’
    • ‘This is a good, buttery and well proportioned wine.’
    • ‘Stylish, well proportioned and self-confident, she still cuts a fine figure.’
    • ‘None of the 31 generously proportioned bedrooms are the same.’
    • ‘It may have rear doors but they flatter to deceive: open one and it'll afford a view of one of the most miserably proportioned rear cabins in the class.’
    • ‘What I found was not the cold, unforgiving building I'd expected but a beautifully proportioned and classy interior.’
    • ‘We are what you might call generously proportioned women.’
    • ‘This sense of space is continued throughout with generously proportioned rooms.’
    • ‘He's an arrogant sort of chap and he's going a bit bald but, my, isn't he beautifully proportioned.’
    • ‘They do make fantastic, generously proportioned scones and really colourful salads.’
    • ‘Physically, she fits the ideal ballerina mold perfectly, with a beautifully proportioned body and limbs that never look less than graceful.’