Meaning of proprioceptive in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprəʊprɪə(ʊ)ˈsɛptɪv/


  • Relating to stimuli that are produced and perceived within an organism, especially those connected with the position and movement of the body.

    Compare with exteroceptive and interoceptive

    ‘These exercise drills are designed to maximally challenge the scapulothoracic muscle force couples and to stimulate the proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness of the scapula.’
    • ‘It may also be the site of projection of proprioceptive afferents from the respiratory muscles and chest wall.’
    • ‘So, in this process they become conditioned to the kinesthetic and proprioceptive receptor inputs.’
    • ‘Together with peripheral sensory awareness of body surface and proprioceptive perception of body position and balance, this inner awareness of bodily state is the basis for the human person's sense of self.’
    • ‘Rather like the judgements of force, the proprioceptive mechanisms that determine the perceived timing of muscle contractions have both a ‘peripheral’ and a ‘central’ component.’


Early 20th century from Latin proprius ‘own’ + receptive.