Meaning of protectionist in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈtɛkʃ(ə)nɪst/

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  • An advocate of the policy of shielding a country's domestic industries from foreign competition by taxing imports.

    ‘barriers erected by the agricultural protectionists’
    • ‘The newspaper has accused me of being a "table-thumping protectionist."’
    • ‘The agricultural protectionists are always on the watch for ways to block foreign competition.’
    • ‘He is a trade protectionist who would disrupt one of the greatest wealth-creating, wealth-spreading mechanisms since World War II.’
    • ‘Modern protectionists express a fear of foreign capital.’
    • ‘The outlook of these protectionists is incredibly narrow.’
    • ‘This resulted in a struggle between free traders and protectionists, and in rising labor militancy.’
    • ‘In 1904, he formed a government in a coalition with protectionists.’
    • ‘The weakness of the economists is that they are never as harsh on the foreign mercantilists as they are on domestic protectionists.’
    • ‘They trivialise this party as protectionists.’
    • ‘American protectionists had sometimes justified industrial tariffs by citing the British Corn Laws, which restricted the sale of American wheat to Britain.’
    • ‘The opponents of world bureaucracies, no matter how much they favored free trade, were called isolationists and protectionists.’


  • Relating to the theory or practice of shielding a country's domestic industries from foreign competition by taxing imports.

    ‘protectionist measures against foreign imports’
    • ‘The president explained that his steel tariffs were really not protectionist.’
    • ‘Automakers had put pressure on the government to maintain protectionist policies for the automobile industry.’
    • ‘The protectionist policies they endorse have been aptly called "beggar thy neighbor."’
    • ‘They're dead set against protectionist measures.’
    • ‘A number of protectionist measures have been included in the new proposals.’
    • ‘This involved imposing protectionist barriers to countries outside Europe.’
    • ‘Some here worry about growing protectionist sentiment in the United States.’
    • ‘He favors protectionist trade policies, the reinstitution of the death penalty, and emphasizes the importance of the family and Church.’
    • ‘As a result there is a great deal of protectionist pressure.’
    • ‘There are already signs of a protectionist backlash in America.’
    • ‘He imposed highly protectionist tariffs on steel imports right at the beginning of his term.’
    • ‘It led to protectionist attitudes toward foreign trade.’