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Pronunciation /prəˈvɪnʃ(ə)l/

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  • 1Of or concerning a province of a country or empire.

    ‘provincial elections’
    • ‘Another reason for low results is that people just didn't feel as informed as they did for the provincial election and decided that voting would therefore be a waste.’
    • ‘The teachers threatened to stage a sit-in outside the provincial governor's house if the problem was not resolved.’
    • ‘The march led to traffic being blocked, before it came to a halt outside the provincial governor's office.’
    • ‘Born in 1948, he grew up in Halifax and Shad Bay, a small coastal community just outside the provincial capital.’
    • ‘He had travelled there from the town of Yopal, the provincial capital of the wealthy oil province Casanare.’
    • ‘The total number who voted in the city election in Toronto was 699,000, compared to 850,000 in the provincial election.’
    • ‘Another aspect of the de-democratization policy of the provincial government concerns elections.’
    • ‘In recent decades the area around the provincial capital of Kunming has developed as an industrial region with an increasing need for electric power.’
    • ‘The accident occurred some 8 kilometers west of Siem Reap town, the provincial capital where the famed temple of Angkor Wat is located.’
    • ‘As the next provincial election must be called by May, I believe it's time for us to consider what the past terms of the NDP government have brought to this province.’
    • ‘Our final day's sightseeing started in Sancti Spiritus, the provincial capital of the region of the same name, where the holiday celebrations were in full swing.’
    • ‘No separatist party in the history of the province has ever gotten over 50% in a federal election, provincial election, or a referendum.’
    • ‘Last weekend the fledgling party, less than a year old, held its second congress and outlined their program for the next provincial election.’
    • ‘Some rural regions are close to urban centres, such as the regions of Manitoba that surround Winnipeg, the provincial capital with 600,000 people.’
    • ‘The provincial election in Alberta is fast approaching with a November 22nd or 29th vote.’
    • ‘Referring to electoral reform, government said it would implement the decision to review this matter before the next national and provincial elections set for 2009.’
    • ‘Sono told the court he had voted at national level for the African National Congress in the 1994 elections and his provincial vote went to the Inkatha Freedom Party.’
    • ‘The Elections Finance Act prohibits most forms of political advertising for the initial week of a provincial election campaign, the day before voting day and day of the vote.’
    • ‘He said observers and journalists could watch the first stage of the count at the polling stations, but not at provincial election commission centers where the results are tabulated.’
    • ‘He proposed instead to abolish the direct election of provincial governors, thus undermining the constitution and doing away with the country's political foundation of federalism.’
    non-metropolitan, small-town, non-urban, outlying, rural, country, rustic, backwoods, backwater
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  • 2Of or concerning the regions outside the capital city of a country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded.

    ‘provincial towns’
    • ‘the whole exhibition struck one as being very provincial’
    • ‘For all over Ireland, ribbon development of houses persists outside provincial towns and one-off badly sited homes are built without regard for the landscape as a whole.’
    • ‘Well over €1million an acre is being achieved for retail parks outside provincial towns.’
    • ‘A young woman in her twenties returns from the capital city to a provincial town where she grew up.’
    • ‘Today there are many professional and amateur theaters and musical organizations both in the capital and in other provincial towns.’
    • ‘Hundreds of thousands joined protests in the Syrian capital, while in provincial towns tens of thousands took to the streets.’
    • ‘Market towns have become provincial backwaters.’
    • ‘How can Reykjavik give every appearance of being a capital city rather than merely a provincial town?’
    • ‘A new phenomenon of rolling demonstrations circled the world - not only in the great capitals but also in provincial cities and even small towns.’
    • ‘It also gives us the opportunity to monitor players outside of the provincial competitions.’
    • ‘You used to be able to boast that Harvey Nicks was the only provincial store outside London but not any more.’
    • ‘Elites in provincial towns in predominantly indigenous regions are often openly racist.’
    • ‘In terms of industry and employment Dungarvan, it has to be fairly acknowledged, ranks better than most provincial towns of its size.’
    • ‘Already, colourful posters conveying party messages can be seen in public places in the capital Kabul, and in some provincial towns.’
    • ‘Mr Cowlam also disclosed that the Bradford bid was well-starred because the Government demanded that provincial workforces be as diverse as those in the capital.’
    • ‘It is annoying; I liked the t-shirt I was wearing and now I have to iron the pink one that gets me into trouble in provincial villages.’
    • ‘Although quite provincial, Odense boasted the only theater in Denmark outside of Copenhagen, and this was to prove Andersen's salvation.’
    • ‘The son of a wealthy Verona businessman, Catullus arrived in Rome in his early twenties and rapidly evolved from educated but provincial outsider to streetwise society songmeister.’
    • ‘For 10 or 15 years beforehand, our regions and provincial towns had largely been left to sink or swim.’
    • ‘This is highly thoughtful architecture that despite the provincial nature of its setting makes a point of being decent, modern and civilized.’
    • ‘Acadians brought with them provincial cooking styles from France.’
    regional, state, territorial, district, local
    unsophisticated, narrow-minded, parochial, small-town, suburban, insular, parish-pump, inward-looking, limited, restricted, localist, conservative, narrow
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  • 1An inhabitant of a province of a country or empire.

    ‘Augustine was a local boy who made good, a provincial from the southern edge of Fourth-Century Roman Africa, vain and enslaved to a fierce mother.’
    • ‘Roman citizens paid little tax, but provincials paid a property tax and a poll tax amounting to 10 or 15 percent of income.’
    • ‘The proud son of the Franche-Comte was on his way to success in Paris when he met Bruyas, an art collector and a provincial from another region of France.’
    • ‘They were primarily divided into three categories - trade unions, groups of provincials from the same hometown outside of Shanghai, and merchant associations for the regulation of trade.’
    1. 1.1provincials(in Canada) sporting contests held between teams representing the country's administrative divisions.
      ‘Niverville rolled through the round robin at the provincials without a loss scoring four straight-set victories.’
      • ‘Walking into the house we saw copies of pictures of Rachel and I from her birth until just last summer when her soccer team won provincials.’
      • ‘The boys' baseball team will be competing at the 12-team provincials June 5-7 at Reston.’
      • ‘The losses eliminated the team from the provincials and finished their season earlier than they had expected.’
      • ‘The selectors will shortly be announcing a squad of 28 men and women for the provincials and a squad of 16 for the senior provincials.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, the Pre-Novice Dance team of Melanie Van Soeren and William Denney will be at the Western Challenge thanks to placing third at the provincials.’
      • ‘They're becoming more serious as the provincials and Western Championship get closer.’
      • ‘The OUA provincials will commence on February 21 at Westmount Golf and Country Club.’
      • ‘‘This is my fifth year coaching at the provincials,’ said Yeomans.’
      • ‘She had a good showing at provincials and I think she can pull it off.’
  • 2An inhabitant of the regions outside the capital city of a country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded.

    ‘a town populated by money-grubbers, philistines, and self-satisfied provincials’
    • ‘But then people stopped wearing dunces-caps in the towns because it came to be seen as a sign of a provincial, a peasant.’
    • ‘Instead it reminds us that men such as Dabney were hardly rustic provincials.’
    • ‘Ask yourself why countless numbers of people (maybe provincials like yourself) like lemmings are fleeing the capital?’
    • ‘You are not provincials, she reminds them, you are citizens of a broader Europe.’
    • ‘Sophisticated and chic, it's a really a new experience for us provincials.’
    bumpkin, country bumpkin, country cousin, rustic, yokel, village idiot, peasant, churl, lout, boor, oaf, clown, barbarian, yahoo
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    1. 2.1provincialsBritish Local newspapers, as contrasted with national ones.
      ‘For a front-page photo in the provincials, the rate is $100, and it varies for the photos used for the national publication.’
      • ‘He argues against the use of nonstandard dialogue for the sake of local color or to make the social point that provincials can have literary status.’
      • ‘You have not said, are you working for the nationals or provincials? I cannot see why they need you for Saturday work, unless you are covering sports events.’
  • 3Christian Church
    The head or chief of a province or of a religious order in a province.

    ‘As provincial of his order, he addressed temperance meetings throughout Ireland.’
    • ‘By 1923, the Capuchin provincial asked Solanus to keep a notebook of special cases and reported healings related to his consultations.’
    • ‘It does say that he was upset with the poor catechetical materials used in parishes in Australia and that his provincial reprimanded him for preaching on hell.’
    • ‘In 1971 Fr. Vincent was asked by his provincial to go to the diocese of Kumasi in Ghana, where he spent most of his remaining years.’


Late Middle English from Old French, from Latin provincialis ‘belonging to a province’ (see province).