Meaning of pseudoscience in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsjuːdəʊˌsʌɪəns/


  • A collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method.

    ‘the new pseudoscience of ‘counselling’’
    • ‘an explanation of how to distinguish genuine science from pseudoscience’
    • ‘The particular belief or the pseudoscience may be different in each country but the need for a skeptical response is vital.’
    • ‘We see that 'Shroud science' - like 'creation science' and other pseudosciences in the service of dogma - begins with the desired answer and works backward to the evidence.’
    • ‘Scientific studies of these pseudosciences demonstrate that they are not valid personality assessment tools, yet each has many satisfied customers who are convinced they are accurate.’
    • ‘But I think Popper may have wanted to find out criteria of demarcation between science and such pseudosciences as astrology and Freudian psychoanalysis.’
    • ‘Licensure of practitioners of various pseudosciences is often treated as endorsement and as a gateway to greater privileges.’
    • ‘A ‘science’ that consists of nothing but such claims is not a science, but a pseudoscience.’
    • ‘However, when you find out that he's calling psychiatry a pseudoscience while simultaneously pushing Scientology, one of the most notorious pseudosciences around, you know something's a little messed up.’
    • ‘A pseudoscience is set of ideas based on theories put forth as scientific when they are not scientific.’
    • ‘Another common theme is the debunking of the fringe pseudosciences or other untenable positions.’
    • ‘Before I was a Scientologist, I never agreed with psychiatry and I know that psychiatry is a pseudoscience.’
    • ‘We hope to find ways to focus on some of the wonderful new achievements of science as a counterbalance in our pages to the popularly appealing but content-free and intellectually sterile fringe-sciences and pseudosciences.’
    • ‘Swanson draws upon sources as diverse as Aesop's fables and mathematician/statistician John Allen Paulos for examples, covering everything from failed doomsday predictions to the pseudosciences of graphology and horoscopes.’
    • ‘‘Negative energy ‘is a term commonly used in alternative medicine and related pseudosciences.’’
    • ‘Psychology, the discipline that has probably contributed most to the accurate assessment of ESP claims, is the field that is most closely associated with such pseudosciences in the public mind.’
    • ‘Shermer asserts that whereas scientists seek to minimize the effects of observation on the observed, pseudosciences do not.’
    • ‘And some courts have taken judicial notice of the irrationality of certain pseudosciences, including phrenology and astrology.’
    • ‘For those who wish to combine magnet therapy with cupping and enjoy the benefits of two pseudosciences at once, the Magic Mengshi Cup is recommended.’
    • ‘This kind of data retrofitting is common among believers in such pseudosciences as astrology, graphology and biorhythms.’
    • ‘Books about pseudosciences such as astrology sell millions of copies.’
    • ‘Intelligent design had been viewed as a pseudoscience because it refused to limit nature to the operation of blind material processes.’