Meaning of psychotropic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪkə(ʊ)ˈtrəʊpɪk/ /ˌsʌɪkə(ʊ)ˈtrɒpɪk/

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  • Relating to or denoting drugs that affect a person's mental state.

    ‘a psychotropic drug’
    • ‘myristicin has psychotropic properties’
    • ‘It now constitutes a criminal offense to supply a person with narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, or to incite other persons to use such drugs or substances, even when no material or personal benefit is intended.’
    • ‘The use of psychotropic drugs complicates the ongoing assessment of mental status, can impair the patient's ability to understand or cooperate with treatment, and is associated with a greater incidence of falls.’
    • ‘The immediate impact of psychotropic drugs on one's mental condition, for better or for worse, provides experimental proof for the relative materiality of our minds.’
    • ‘Tran is supposed to be on psychotropic drugs to control her mental illness.’
    • ‘The benzodiazepines are psychotropic which means turning to the mind and so they have mind-altering effects.’


  • A psychotropic drug.

    ‘I favor legalization, and not just of pot but of all drugs, including heroin, cocaine, meth, psychotropics, mushrooms and LSD.’
    • ‘In addition to marijuana, cocaine, and crack cocaine, the illicit drugs reported in the survey included hallucinogens, heroin, inhalants, and psychotropics.’
    • ‘Back in Japan, Nakamura first heard of words like cocaine and psychotropics on television, and later she was impressed with a campaign against drug abuse that was started in her school.’
    • ‘I am vaguely intrigued by the consequences of designer psychotropics, brain steroids that are supposed to arrest, or even reverse, the ageing of mental functions.’
    • ‘About one in five of the prisoners have been put on antidepressants, psychotropics, and other drugs.’