Meaning of public policy in English:

public policy


mass noun
  • 1The principles, often unwritten, on which social laws are based.

    ‘The idea of the public interest used to mean matters of public policy or issues of social importance.’
    • ‘What does this picture of the impacts across social class mean for public policy?’
    • ‘That discretion, however, must be exercised according to some important principles of public policy.’
    • ‘How can you draw a distinction between the two on public policy or any other grounds?’
    • ‘Look, we believe that as a matter of public policy we should not have any of this sort of material on the internet.’
  • 2Law
    The principle that injury to the public good is a basis for denying the legality of a contract or other transaction.

    ‘All their Lordships denied that public policy had a role in the decision.’
    • ‘The Court came to the conclusion that it would be contrary to public policy to register that judgment because there was a denial of a fair trial.’
    • ‘What is the overlap between contracts which break the law and those which are contrary to public policy?’
    • ‘That is why the Claimant's argument on this head is bad as contrary to public policy and must fail.’
    • ‘Such an order can only be contrary to public policy and the court ought not to grant it.’