Meaning of publisher in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʌblɪʃə/

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    (also publishers)
    A company or person that prepares and issues books, journals, or music for sale.

    ‘the publishers of Vogue’
    • ‘a commercial music publisher’
    • ‘From the sale of music the publisher will pay the composer a royalty.’
    • ‘The artists were needed to create the music, the publishers to distribute and market it.’
    • ‘Such practices should only be attempted by experienced journalists and desperate music publishers.’
    • ‘She was commissioned by a publisher to produce the book which has just gone on sale all over the UK.’
    • ‘The books which these new publishers issued were nearly all originals.’
    • ‘So, what motivated the publisher to publish a book that may not have much commercial value?’
    • ‘He signed a contract with a publisher to produce a book consisting of a critical analysis of economics and politics.’
    • ‘Since there was no copyright law, Beethoven sold his music to publishers for a flat fee.’
    • ‘If you're a first time author, do publishers just reject books like this?’
    • ‘The ceremony celebrates the nation's favourite books, authors and publishers.’
    • ‘New technology means publishers are prepared to print books on demand.’
    • ‘You hear of people sending books to 15 different publishers and having them thrown back at them.’
    • ‘It is absolutely essential for the big publishers ' financial health that most such books should succeed.’
    • ‘The agent offered the book to publishers as one of a series following the course of Caesar's life.’
    • ‘The biggest challenge for book publishers is interesting boys in their product.’
    • ‘Toole's mother then took on the task of trying to find a publisher for the book on which her son had laboured so hard.’
    • ‘It is refreshing to see a book like this published by a mainstream publisher.’
    • ‘His books and articles were often refused or censored by publishers and editors.’
    • ‘The publisher of academic journals plans to return to double-digit growth next year.’
    • ‘Under US copyright regs, publishers don't need permission to produce a revised edition.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American A newspaper proprietor.
      ‘Both the advertiser and the publisher of the newspaper or other medium will be guilty of the offence.’
      • ‘They invited various publishers, including the managing director of News Corp, to bid for them.’
      • ‘There is no in-frame linking, and each news headline includes the publisher's name.’