Meaning of puff and blow in English:

puff and blow


  • Breathe in gasps during or after exertion.

    ‘they trotted round corners, puffing and blowing’
    • ‘‘No pecs, no sex,’ barks Pilates Pam, who must be pushing 60 and has the figure of an Olympic sprinter, as we puff and blow and our wobbly thighs tremble.’
    • ‘‘The best thing for being sad,’ replied Merlyn, beginning to puff and blow, ‘is to learn something.’’
    • ‘Either way, you have a good chance of running alongside pods of pilot whales as they surface, puff and blow, taking it in turns to keep a watchful eye on the people gazing from the boat.’
    • ‘They form entrances to cave systems that can pass right through to the other side of an island, hence they can puff and blow with the tidal difference.’
    breathe heavily, breathe loudly, breathe quickly, breathe rapidly, pant, puff and pant, puff and blow, blow