Meaning of puissance in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpjuːɪs(ə)ns/ /ˈpwiːɪs(ə)ns/ /ˈpwɪs(ə)ns/ /ˈpwiːsɒ̃s/

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mass noun
  • 1

    (also Puissance)
    A competitive test of a horse's ability to jump large obstacles in showjumping.

    ‘nine horses contested last night's Puissance’
    • ‘a Puissance horse’
    • ‘This was done in one of the Puissance competitions.’
    • ‘Harry, riding XL, and Conor were two of six riders to share second place in Saturday's Puissance.’
    • ‘Samsung and Fáilte Ireland, the principal sponsors, are this year joined by Land Rover Ireland which adds its name to the Puissance (high wall) competition.’
    • ‘On Saturday, the highlight will be the Puissance.’
    • ‘The programmes have all the action from the four days including the seven-foot wall in the Puissance, the National Grand Prix and the Pairs Relay.’
  • 2archaic, literary Great power, influence, or prowess.

    ‘All three sections begin powerfully and carry that puissance - and often it's not a force that we nor the narrator can control - throughout the section.’
    • ‘A combination of apparently unlimited electoral puissance and an underlying lack of both intellectual self-confidence and political principle has destabilised him.’
    • ‘But their puissance cannot conceal their incurable inferiority.’
    • ‘Increasingly, celebrities are using their media clout and general popularity to gain political puissance.’
    • ‘I believe that this divinity, is a result of a puissance that is present in every particle, the rhythm of creation.’
    control, authority, influence, dominance, mastery, domination, rule, command, ascendancy, supremacy, dominion, sovereignty, jurisdiction, sway, weight, leverage, hold, grasp, say


Late Middle English (in puissance (sense 2)): from Old French, ‘power’, from puissant ‘having power’ (see puissant). Sense 1 dates from the 1950s.