Meaning of pull punches in English:

pull punches


(also pull one's punches)
  • usually with negative Be less forceful, severe, or violent than one could be.

    ‘a sharp-tongued critic who doesn't pull his punches’
    • ‘I was still pulling my punches somewhat, since I've never punched another person for real, and I didn't want to hurt either of us - my knuckles, or their chest.’
    • ‘For the truth is that he often pulls his punches.’
    • ‘And, you know, there's always going to be the, you know, if you were to lose the case, somebody at some point saying you were pulling your punches because you wanted them to get convicted or this or that.’
    • ‘Intensity is what she is after and you don't normally get that by pulling your punches, though of course understatement and restraint can sometimes be equally effective.’
    • ‘That's not to say that our aging pair of (now slightly dowdy) French rascals are going to be pulling their punches at all.’
    • ‘But Jenkins isn't exactly known for pulling his punches and the remark is in line with his sharp-tongued commentary.’
    • ‘I've pulled my punches with a few people, where they seemed sensitive.’
    • ‘Brower was daring, versatile, and never pulled his punches.’
    • ‘In fairness to Roy he has never pulled his punches but I'm not sure if airing his club's dirty linen so publicly is the right thing for the captain of the club to do.’