Meaning of pull strings in English:

pull strings


  • Make use of one's influence and contacts to gain an advantage unofficially or unfairly.

    ‘he tried to pull strings with people he knew to avoid being called up’
    • ‘She did him her best turns later on when she got her influential lovers to pull strings for him.’
    • ‘Chastened by bitter internecine tenant warfare, battle-scarred managers frequently pull strings to ensure that all the baritones live on one side of the building, and all the heldentenors on the other.’
    • ‘I do not know what awaits me there, because we are not a rich family who can contact lawyers and agencies and pull strings and have papers rushed through.’
    • ‘Now this is fine - he has some excellent contacts, knows how to pull strings, and is a fairly reasonable guy.’
    • ‘They view him as, you know, this sort of mastermind who, you know, pulls strings from the shadows and things of that nature.’
    • ‘One interesting character is the morally ambiguous mastermind Mr Haddon, who pulls strings behind the scenes and gives Ellie most of her funding.’
    • ‘He may feel that he's pulling strings, that that he lights a fire here and everyone rushes to that one, and then he lights a fire there and everyone rushes to there.’
    • ‘Either this has not been thought through properly, or someone is pulling strings to ensure a head start at the elections in September 2003.’
    • ‘There must be someone at the centre of a web, pulling strings, yanking cords, tugging ropes and generally causing all their misery and pain or lulling them into dry boredom.’
    • ‘The only magic is councillors pulling strings.’
    arrange, organize, contrive, sort out, see to, see about