Meaning of pull the strings in English:

pull the strings

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  • Be in control of events or of other people's actions.

    ‘it's uncomfortable to know that someone else is pulling the strings’
    • ‘You may have pulled the strings of a Government which has led a country to collapse?’
    • ‘It's not the employees, it's the Government that is pulling the strings of employers.’
    • ‘In his view, this will make it possible for the ruling majority to pull the strings of the supervisory body.’
    • ‘Girls are the smart ones, they let the guys think they control the world, but they pull the strings.’
    • ‘When is either man happier than when he is downloading the responsibility and cost of governing onto governments other than his own, while still trying to pull the strings?’
    • ‘‘It's hard when someone pulls the strings,’ he added.’
    • ‘The skillful dealers are always seeking for a better place to sell their stuff and can change their boss, the one who actually stands higher in the hierarchy and pulls the strings.’
    • ‘The algorithm is clear - the real leader formally gets into the reserve forces but actually pulls the strings behind the curtain.’
    • ‘The man who pulls the strings at East End Park is desperate to emerge from the shadows of a difficult season as Celtic pay a cup visit.’
    • ‘The British Council board has always been a good indicator of who pulls the strings.’
    manage, direct, control, operate, regulate, conduct, handle, run, orchestrate, organize, supervise, superintend, oversee, preside over, boss, be the boss of, govern, rule, administer, lead, head, guide, steer, pilot
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