Meaning of pull up stakes in English:

pull up stakes


North American
  • Move or go to live elsewhere.

    ‘his father wrangled with a foreman and the family pulled up stakes’
    • ‘Geneva, which in the not-so-distant past was considered a cultural backwater, with many galleries pulling up stakes to move elsewhere, has recently become an importer of galleries and auction houses.’
    • ‘That's the kind of weather report that might cause golfers to think about pulling up stakes and moving to Phoenix.’
    • ‘Tommie pulled up stakes and moved back to Cleveland to be by his mother.’
    • ‘The fantasy of pulling up stakes and living somewhere new tends to hit me wherever I travel in the West - Boulder, Colorado, or Bellingham, Washington, or Bend, Oregon.’
    • ‘I started by pulling up stakes and moving with my girlfriend, the cats, and faithful Horatio to a well-fortified compound in the ridiculous mansion district of Beverly Hills.’
    • ‘Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America wrote eloquently of Americans' love for pulling up stakes and moving on.’
    • ‘Over the past 10 years, thousands of us have pulled up stakes and moved away.’
    • ‘‘There aren't many organizations that allow you to essentially pull up stakes and move your office 1,500 miles away,’ Chad said.’
    • ‘If trying to fix the system doesn't work, parents need to have the option to pull up stakes and move on instead of subjecting their children to schools that can't educate.’
    • ‘Two years ago, the Lee family pulled up stakes in Houston, Texas, one of the country's certified boomtowns, and moved to Murrysville.’