Meaning of pungently in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʌn(d)ʒ(ə)ntli/


See pungent

‘Horses, on the other hand, gave off less offensive odours; harnessed to a mowing machine or harvester, in the heat of an autumn day, they emitted a sweaty smell and pungently broke wind.’
  • ‘Hepungently assesses the disgusting abdication of moral responsibility being displayed by Europe over the race to acquire nuclear weapons.’
  • ‘There is a whiff of conspiracy in the air and it reeks pungently of Chardonnay glugging down the plug hole and just a dash of carpet-trampled kettle chips.’
  • ‘As He so pungently put it, ‘War means fighting.’’
  • ‘He wrote pungently against Gnosticism and other heresies, and in the course of his polemic unfolded a story of salvation of breathtaking coherence and scope.’