Meaning of punim in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʊnɪm/


informal North American
  • (chiefly in Jewish use) a person's face.

    • ‘look at that punim, as my grandma would say!’
    • ‘I love her punim—what a face’
    • ‘Ah, Stevie, I can't stay mad at you for long, not with that lovable punim!’
    • ‘That three-second shot of a Web page showed Miller's punim.’
    • ‘After getting a peek at her pup, we understand why she would want to be looking at that cute punim constantly.’
    • ‘He gets a consistent amount of laughs with that rubbery, expressive punim of his.’
    • ‘He's 13, but with that punim, he looks at least 23.’
    • ‘We'll no longer be subjected to his smarmy punim on our televisions every Monday night!’
    • ‘I'd leverage my stupid personality to get rid of this battered punim any day.’
    • ‘The main attraction is just plain old proverbial eye candy in the form of glossy-lipped, apple-cheeked, exfoliated pretty boy punims peeking out from perfectly pomaded locks.’


Yiddish ponem, punem, from Hebrew pānīm.