Meaning of punny in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʌni/

adjectiveadjective punnier, adjective punniest

  • Consisting of or containing a pun or puns.

    ‘a predictably punny headline’
    • ‘I only mentioned the cricket so that I could use the punny blog title.’
    • ‘Underneath the punny headline is a classic tabloid tale.’
    • ‘I don't remember what punny nickname we gave her.’
    • ‘A few of the punny punchlines are as groan-worthy as those they critique.’
    • ‘Your average reader wants the punny headline.’
    • ‘He cast himself as a gravelly-voiced action hero, complete with awesome karate skills and punny catch-phrases that he doesn't quite understand.’
    • ‘If there's anything better than a punny dad joke, it's a number of them rattled off in hyper-quick succession.’
    • ‘The game's features include lovely graphics, challenging puzzles, and punny jokes.’
    • ‘The fiberglass statues were transformed by artists into whimsical creatures with punny names.’
    • ‘The humor is punny and aimed at both children and adults.’