Meaning of puparium in English:


Pronunciation /pjuːˈpɛːrɪəm/

nounplural noun puparia/pjuːˈpɛːrɪə/

  • 1Entomology
    The hardened last larval skin which encloses the pupa in some insects, especially higher diptera.

    ‘When maggots have completed their development they convert their last larval skin into a puparium, a hardened shell within which the pupa develops.’
    • ‘Adult males emerge from their puparia and fly off to inseminate a female through the brood canal opening in her cephalothorax.’
    • ‘Parasitized fly puparia were shipped from the rearing laboratory to Kauai, Hawaii, where the puparia were placed in 30 x 30 x 30 cm wood and screen cages containing water and undiluted honey.’
    • ‘In southern Arizona, these flies exclusively use Arizona walnut, Juglans major, as a host plant, emerging between July and September from puparia in the soil.’
    • ‘Emergent flies were frozen, pinned with their respective puparia, and sent to specialists for identification.’
    1. 1.1A pupa enclosed in a puparium.
      ‘I also found a couple black tenebrionid beetles hiding under debris and the empty puparium of a fly.’
      • ‘Adult female parasites lay an egg on the fly pupa within the puparium.’
      • ‘Whereas natives must feed to develop their eggs, T. zealandicus wasps have eggs when they emerge from the fly puparium as adult females.’
      • ‘However in the check area, the density of adult flies / puparia did not show any reduction and the trend was similar to that of the pre-treatment survey.’
      • ‘Face fly larvae are yellowish and the puparium is white.’


Early 19th century modern Latin, from pupa, on the pattern of words such as herbarium.