Meaning of pupillary in English:



See pupil

‘The cornea, the pupillary opening within the iris, the lens, and the aqueous and vitreous humor combine to form the refractive media of the eye.’
  • ‘A stimulant action on the parasympathetic portion of the oculomotor nucleus (third cranial nerve) is responsible for pupillary miosis.’
  • ‘She had pendular nystagmus, but pupillary and fundus examination showed nothing abnormal.’
  • ‘If light reflex is diminished in one eye, a swinging flashlight test may discriminate between an afferent (retina or optic nerve) lesion and an efferent (third nerve or pupillary muscle) lesion.’
  • ‘He made several noteworthy contributions in medicine, including work on typhoid fever, aortic aneurysm, hysteria, pupillary abnormalities in neurosyphilis, and vertigo.’



/pjuːˈpɪl(ə)ri/ /ˈpjuːpɪl(ə)ri/