Meaning of puppeteer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpʌpɪˈtɪə/

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  • A person who operates puppets.

    ‘Any performers are welcome to share their skills at the open mike session - musicians, dancers, poets, puppeteers, raconteurs and actors.’
    • ‘The company is helping to send magicians, musicians, puppeteers, storytellers and clowns throughout the year.’
    • ‘The production, according to the organisers, will be the culmination of a 14-day workshop conducted in Delhi between actors, puppeteers, and dancers from India.’
    • ‘They are looking for singers, actors, dancers and puppeteers.’
    • ‘Coupled with the convolutions of the text and the variable vocal performances of the puppeteers, this diminishes the dramatic impact of the play.’
    • ‘The story is inspired by the true tales of puppeteers and entertainers in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.’
    • ‘The teamwork in this performance is masterly - puppeteers, narrator and musician had such rapport that we were never aware that this was an illusion.’
    • ‘We believe in the puppet as a completely separate entity from the puppeteer.’
    • ‘From trapeze artists to storytellers, puppeteers to video artists, Bradford's arts scene is thriving thanks to millions of pounds worth of funding over the past year.’
    • ‘Under each puppet are four puppeteers, who are much harder to deal with than actors because they don't even have the exposure and acclaim an actor gets.’
    • ‘Storytellers and puppeteers will also entertain them.’
    • ‘The streets are littered with potential puppet shows and potential puppeteers.’
    • ‘The puppeteer holds the puppet in one hand and manipulates the hands with the strings to the accompaniment of music.’
    • ‘These puppets and their skilled puppeteers are the re-birth of the art of the Hun Lakorn Lek (traditional Thai small puppets) that were created 100 years ago by the famous Master Krea Sapatawanich.’
    • ‘Petrushka, the Blackamoor, and the Ballerina are four-foot-tall figures, each manipulated by three onstage, barely visible puppeteers in black.’
    • ‘The puppeteers are dressed in black, including face paint and beanies.’
    • ‘Delhiites will get a chance to sample the traditional and contemporary puppeteers as well as puppets from abroad.’
    • ‘Czech puppeteer Lenka Muchova is presenting a puppet making workshop this Saturday, June 7, in Lismore.’
    • ‘We saw a water puppet show in Hanoi - a puppet show in which puppeteers stood in stomach-deep water behind a screen, manipulating puppets that skipped and skimmed on the surface of the water upstage.’
    • ‘They partly based their style on Japanese Bunraku puppetry where the puppeteers are on stage, dressed in black, the puppets attached to their bodies.’
    exploiter, puller of strings, user, manoeuvrer, conniver, intriguer, puppet master, puppeteer, wheeler-dealer