Meaning of puppetry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʌpɪtri/

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mass noun
  • 1The art of operating puppets, typically either by strings controlled from above or by hand.

    ‘theatre for children featuring dance, puppetry, and music’
    • ‘shadow puppetry’
    • ‘The puppetry itself is top-notch, right down to the Cat's expressive eyebrows.’
    • ‘Combining music, storytelling, puppetry and movement, the company gives children and their families an interactive show held in a multi-sensory environment.’
    • ‘Shadow puppetry is one of the oldest art forms in Indonesia.’
    • ‘This is a chance to see traditional puppetry performed by a master and should not be missed.’
    • ‘The academy's roll-out will begin with a celebration that includes storytelling, poetry and puppetry workshops.’
    • ‘Amid the dirty narrow lanes survives the centuries-old Rajasthani tradition of puppetry in the city.’
    • ‘What we are doing now in computer-animated puppetry is just a more complete version of that concept.’
    • ‘This unique and ancient form of puppetry stayed within Vietnam until the 1960s.’
    • ‘Puppetry was a source of entertainment in rural areas not so long ago.’
    • ‘Staged with music and several kinds of puppetry, the show made for a pleasant evening.’
    1. 1.1Pretence; artifice.
      ‘the leadership is phony with their religio-political puppetry’
      • ‘This, Bell writes, is "not journalism but puppetry".’
      • ‘There is no more flagrant proof of government puppetry.’
      • ‘Scipio's political career was mere puppetry, and his military career was as brief as it was degrading.’
      • ‘Our political system, whoever is in power, is just puppetry by big business.’
      • ‘The political puppetry is about to come to its only conclusion possible.’
      • ‘I was tired of being accused of puppetry.’
      • ‘Your false allusions to union-driven puppetry only serve to strengthen my resolve.’
      • ‘This 'puppetry' as you call it is only temporary until the final elections are held.’
      • ‘The huge invasive forces, armed to the teeth, are backing up the regime's puppetry, both in the police and the political arena.’
      • ‘I cannot live that false puppetry.’
      • ‘He is part of the puppetry of this administration.’