Meaning of puppy farm in English:

puppy farm


(also North American puppy mill)
  • An establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane.

    • ‘the government aims to stop puppy farms, where dogs may be kept in cramped conditions with little concern for their needs’
    • ‘Over 50 dogs were taken into care by the ISPCA from a puppy farm in County Laois last Friday morning.’
    • ‘An increasing number are being intensively bred on puppy farms where making big profits outweigh welfare considerations.’
    • ‘We know of a puppy farm where up to 500 dogs are being kept in very cramped conditions.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, puppy farms are still around and the majority of dogs snatched are ending up at such a 'farm' across the length and breadth of the country.’
    • ‘While it is understood legal action will not be taken against those running the puppy farm, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have vowed to keep an eye on the site.’
    • ‘The league received 39 dogs seized from a puppy mill in Kentucky.’
    • ‘What happens in puppy mills I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.’
    • ‘You should never get a dog from a pet store, puppy mill, or casual/backyard breeder.’
    • ‘Maybe, if fewer people buy from them, the puppy mills will close.’
    • ‘Five years ago, 149 members of Congress, responding to a torrent of complaints about horrific conditions in puppy mills, asked the USDA to adopt tougher regulations.’