Meaning of puppy fat in English:

puppy fat


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mass nounBritish
  • Fat on the body of a baby or child which disappears around adolescence.

    ‘Smokers get banned, lap dancers told to keep their kit on, Glaswegians told to shun the sunbed, while kids with puppy fat are constantly told they are headed for an early grave.’
    • ‘It is also his first shot at being a leading man, and bulked out, though not completely free of puppy fat, he acquits himself admirably.’
    • ‘Their daughter is not just pleasantly plump or carrying a pound or two of excess puppy fat, she is morbidly obese.’
    • ‘Now the puppy fat has disappeared and the delivery is more direct.’
    • ‘Kate Steinbeck from the family weight management clinic says many parents said their children had puppy fat, even when referring to 10 or 20 extra kilos.’
    • ‘Maybe she'll simultaneously melt away that puppy fat.’
    • ‘How can a mother really try to put a child onto a diet because of the apparent puppy fat lasting longer than she expected, and then not expect an adverse effect on that very child?’
    • ‘But there was something about him that made Cotterell look beyond the rolls of puppy fat.’
    • ‘Idon't know how to get rid of that chubbiness which people told me I would lose eventually as it was only puppy fat.’
    • ‘He'd never lost his puppy fat and puberty had hit him early, and hard.’
    • ‘With Stephanie, the doctors said it was puppy fat and it would go when she hit puberty but it didn't.’
    • ‘For what seems like ages, you've got braces, flat chests and puppy fat in all the wrong places; then, seemingly overnight, they morph into head-turners.’
    • ‘Well I initially started when I got to the football club I had a bit of puppy fat and players, team-mates would actually just joke about it, and I think it scarred me a little bit.’
    • ‘The little child was pudgy, but with puppy fat rather than overeating, and he waved a stick with as much ferocity as he could muster in his right hand.’
    • ‘Even Michael has some puppy fat, but Deron is all unbending bronze.’
    • ‘The puppy fat is replaced by curves that men seem to want to explore.’
    • ‘My puppy fat melted, I started wearing contact lenses and learnt how to kiss.’
    • ‘Meggy is impetuous, spoilt, emotionally unfinished and, despite the puppy fat, awkwardly attractive.’
    • ‘It is a question of toning up my physique and converting the puppy fat.’
    • ‘Small tears fell in pairs down her rounded face which still hadn't lost some of the puppy fat.’