Meaning of puppy love in English:

puppy love


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mass noun
  • Intense but relatively shallow romantic attachment, associated with adolescents.

    ‘Then he reels off the imponderables - physical development, puppy love, adolescent angst - that can ruin even the most promising tennis career.’
    • ‘It amazes me that a relationship that was once based on lots of love or puppy love or infatuation can turn to one of pure disgust.’
    • ‘The puppy love becomes an on-and-off relationship.’
    • ‘In retrospect, he chalked up his past obsession with Charlotte to puppy love, and wanting her simply because she belonged to his brother.’
    • ‘The novelty was interesting, but puppy love and gentle caresses weren't usually her style.’
    • ‘It hurt her heart to think that our rock-solid relationship was just puppy love.’
    • ‘Adults, the cynical ones, will dismiss my feelings for Luka as puppy love, or glorified lust.’
    • ‘Unencumbered by a set script, DaSilva tells the story of his quiet infatuation with a local actress, mostly detailing all the stages of self-delusion one goes through during a serious case of puppy love.’
    • ‘An engaging kid, he gets a job to help his mother, experiences puppy love and keeps his gang together, knowing that the army, which is recruiting 12-year-olds, could be after him at any time.’
    • ‘On an emotional level the song brings me back to high school as he paints a dizzying picture of both a literal carnival and a carnival of emotions, complete with puppy love, beat downs, and the suicidal musings of a school-girl.’
    • ‘Scottish sweethearts Tom and Doreen McNulty celebrate their golden wedding anniversary tomorrow thanks to puppy love.’
    • ‘Without experiencing puppy love, how will you know when it's the real deal?’
    • ‘I wanted you to know that I care about you and I always had, I still have everything you ever gave me and I never forgot that passion we shared, that young puppy love that left a deep impression’
    • ‘Sure, it may be puppy love, but it is the love you know at that point.’
    • ‘Timberlake nails that dizzy kind of puppy love that his target audience so desires.’
    • ‘It was the only time he could recall ever being in love, even if it was puppy love.’
    • ‘Some criticised this tale of inner city puppy love as a whitewashed novelty, unrealistically airbrushing all traces of uncomfortable sexuality or threatening violence from the ghetto.’
    • ‘If anything, it was puppy love, and really the only reason I felt that way about him was because I wanted to.’
    • ‘This summer, odds are either love has been kind and you're in the first flush of puppy love, or you're nursing a broken heart.’
    • ‘You keep your mind on normal stuff, not silly things like young puppy love.’
    passion for, love for, adoration of, desire for, fondness for, feeling for, regard for, devotion to, penchant for, preoccupation with, obsession with, fixation with, craze for, mania for, addiction to