Meaning of Puranic in English:



See Purana

‘Neither the Ramayana nor the Mahabharata, which date back several thousand years, record an event like the Mela, though the Puranic story of the churning of the ocean predates both epics.’
  • ‘On the other hand, the Hindu Puranic writer merely records events narrated by Sutas.’
  • ‘It is also well-known that the Vedic or Puranic idea of the age of the universe is some 8 billion years, which is of the order of magnitude of what has been estimated by modern astrophysicists.’
  • ‘Of course, while the Bible remembers such an exodus no such Vedic or Puranic records exist, but that does not slow him down.’
  • ‘He was also convinced that Puranic literature relating the stories of Gods and devas was fiction.’