Meaning of pure-blooded in English:



(also pure-blood)
  • (of a person or animal) of unmixed ancestry or descent.

    ‘the last pure-blooded Carib Indians’
    • ‘Pure-blooded Vulcans have an easier job of mastering their emotions.’
    • ‘Researchers estimate that no more than twenty thousand pure-blooded Bambuti remain in the world.’
    • ‘A French missionary in 1661 notes that "the number of pure-blooded Iroquois" in the villages was relatively low.’
    • ‘Its story about a community of pure-blooded knights of the Grail, who are corrupted by temptation and healed by a holy fool, seduced the Nazis as well.’
    • ‘We are now breeding our Hanover horses from the few remaining pure-blooded male and female stock.’
    • ‘The culture effectively died out in 1933 with the death of Tommy Solomon, the last pure-blooded Moriori.’
    • ‘If you're not pure-blood, you're not one of the "accepted."’
    • ‘Neither was Michael pure-blood Hellene.’
    • ‘Racial outlooks have been colored by "pure-blood" nationalism as well as traditional patriarchal mores.’