Meaning of purlin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəːlɪn/


  • A horizontal beam along the length of a roof, resting on principals and supporting the common rafters or boards.

    ‘Sinking the posts 18 to 24 inches deep will keep them from pushing in below ground level, and the roof beams or purlins supporting the glazing do the same for the top of the posts.’
    • ‘Roofs can be upgraded from thatch or asphalt-impregnated cardboard to clay tiles if the initial roof rafters and purlins are sized at the beginning to carry the weight of the heavier clay tiles.’
    • ‘Insertions include three insulated wood stud curtain walls, steel Y-braces and I-beam purlins to aid roof support, and steel tension cables for lateral resistance.’
    • ‘Then they fastened an array of closely spaced purlins to the rafter beams, using traditional wooden pegs.’
    • ‘They support a simple double-pitch roof on purlins with a thatched covering-the first to be allowed in London since the Great Fire of 1666.’
    • ‘The beams and purlins (the crosspieces) provide the support for the upper level and are made of construction-grade wood, complete with knots and other blemishes.’
    • ‘In the process, the various components acquired names according to their place in this system - king post, hammer beam, purlin, sill, and so forth - names that are still used today.’
    • ‘If the roof ridge or a purlin crosses the opening, you'll have to relocate the opening and use an angled or splayed light shaft between the roof and the ceiling.’
    • ‘Horizontal tubular-steel purlins running over the arches in turn support vertically aligned tapered arms ending in stainless-steel fixings.’
    • ‘Roof sheeting rests on the purlins, and the whole is stabilized by diagonal ties under the deck.’
    • ‘Some of these standing-seam products are used as structural members to span between roof purlins.’
    • ‘It is made of deeply corrugated composite glass-fibre sheeting supported on galvanized purlins, which themselves bear on propped frames made of universal beams with their webs drilled out.’
    • ‘Roof purlins were placed on these members, so avoiding straight lines.’
    • ‘Speaking through an interpreter Mr Candia described a wall moving after they pulled out timber purlins supporting a parapet wall.’
    • ‘Fabricated from 300X300 mm sections of home grown Douglas fir, each section was individually machined and stabilized by Douglas fir purlins and braces.’
    • ‘Extra outlet space can be got by raising every third row of roof sheeting by inserting battens over the purlins and nailing the sheets to these battens and purlins.’
    • ‘Four purlins (the main longitudinal timbers) run along the roof, with quatrefoil wind braces between them.’
    • ‘Its two-hinged parabolic laminated arches bear on tapered concrete columns through stainless-steel pins; they carry a secondary purlin structure which bears the double glass skin.’
    • ‘The first job he gave me, I was to use a drill mounted with a special bit to drive screws through the unpainted aluminium sheeting and the purlin below.’
    • ‘Modern attic rafters or traditional rafter and purlin construction will get you out of the forest of crossed members typical in a post 1960s house.’
    joist, purlin, girder, spar, support, strut, stay, brace, scantling, batten, transom, lintel, stringer, balk, board, timber, plank, lath, rafter


Late Middle English perhaps of French origin.