Meaning of pursuant in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈsjuːənt/

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formal pursuant to
  • In accordance with (a law or a legal document or resolution)

    ‘the local authority applied for care orders pursuant to section 31 of the Children Act 1989’
    • ‘No copies of the documents disclosed pursuant to this order are to be provided to third parties other than to the parties' witnesses without the leave of the court.’
    • ‘The practical operation of an order pursuant to section 13 is to keep or put the person who is subject to an order in a penal institution.’
    • ‘He ordered, pursuant to section 294A, the appointment of a statutory examiner.’
    • ‘He wished the local authority to seek a secure accommodation order pursuant to section 25 of the Children Act.’
    • ‘Accordingly, pursuant to section 70 of the Child and Family Services Act, there are but two choices now.’
    • ‘Its second decision was accordingly to notify Westminster pursuant to that section.’
    • ‘There is the existence of legal homicide - as when a convicted and condemned criminal is executed pursuant to court order.’
    • ‘They were trying to extract the boy pursuant to a court order as best they could without harm to themselves.’
    • ‘That is a document that was filed pursuant to Practice Direction No 3 of 1996.’
    • ‘Likewise, an application under Part 32.14, is made pursuant to and in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.’
    • ‘Where lies the lack of care or diligence on the part of a director who, pursuant to that resolution, gives effect to it?’
    • ‘An occasion is privileged if the statement is made pursuant to a legal, social or moral duty incumbent upon the defendant.’
    • ‘An accused is entitled to be regarded as innocent until guilt is established pursuant to the criminal legal process.’
    • ‘Statements are qualifiedly privileged if made pursuant to a legal, social or moral duty.’
    • ‘This Bill of Lading has been issued pursuant to and in accordance with a Contract of Carriage dated as overleaf.’
    • ‘All is in accordance with and pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in the agreement.’
    • ‘They will not allow me to see any of the documents that are there pursuant to subpoena.’
    • ‘The children remained in their mother's custody pursuant to a Court order, which provided for access to the girls by their father.’
    • ‘The transfers must be made pursuant to certain court orders.’
    • ‘That order was made pursuant to the provisions of Section 738 of the Criminal Code.’


  • Following; going in pursuit.

    • ‘With a shrill whinny, Rupert whirled about and caught their pursuant square in the chest as he reared up.’


Late Middle English poursuiant (as a noun in the sense ‘prosecutor’): from Old French, ‘pursuing’, from the verb poursuir; later influenced in spelling by pursue.