Meaning of push-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʊʃʌp/


  • (of a bra) padded or underwired so as to give uplift to the breasts.

    ‘It is part of a move away from overtly sexual clothing such as push-up bras, crop tops and low-cut jeans.’
    • ‘Coca-Cola Ireland is currently running an outdoor billboard campaign, featuring a close-up picture of a woman's breasts in a push-up bra.’
    • ‘If that were the fact, I'd be wearing miniskirts and push-up bras and going to every premiere every night trying to get a job.’
    • ‘Ashlei held up a pink, Camellia lace, push-up bra.’
    • ‘One edible-oils executive, in high heels, designer glasses and push-up bra had turned out, she said: ‘To fight for democracy.’’
    • ‘According to our peers in the fashion world, thongs and push-up bras have been sidelined to make way for the fuller brief and bra combination.’
    • ‘‘So I was thinking,’ she repeated, ‘That maybe you could wear tighter tops around him and push-up bras.’’
    • ‘Strikes, like push-up bras, are no longer sexy.’
    • ‘I grab a lacy black push-up bra from my pantie-drawer and re-arrange my chest.’
    • ‘The sexy star said she was told how to use push-up bras and tape to ‘come up with so many ways to create boobs’.’
    • ‘Now that spirit is back, with blazing push-up bras.’
    • ‘Well, I'm exaggerating, but there are lots of heels, extreme push-up bras, and tarty trimmings.’
    • ‘She had given me one of her mother's heavily padded push-up bras.’
    • ‘Couldn't very well go to school in a lacy, black push-up bra now could I?’
    • ‘I closed my eyes, push-up bras today have just become outrageous on how much they push.’
    • ‘Maybe we can finally banish the boy bands and little girls in push-up bras off of our airwaves.’
    • ‘These girls were my friends that wore push-up bras with their size A-cup bra and tight little tank tops.’
    • ‘I'm kind of the opposite of most girls, because when I'm going out with other girls I have to wear my best outfit and a push-up bra.’
    • ‘In the early 90s the padded push-up Wonderbra revolutionized the lingerie industry.’


mainly North American
another term for press-up
‘We may do push-ups and sit-ups and weight training, but we don't do it all day long.’
  • ‘You can also try strengthening exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, calf raises, and lunges.’
  • ‘If you're that guy, try doing elevated push-ups on medicine balls.’
  • ‘They strut for the cheerleaders, perform one-arm push-ups for the crowd, and preen for the cameras.’
  • ‘Both groups did a series of push-ups, sit-ups and sprinting rounds.’
  • ‘I drop to the turf and grunt out five quick push-ups, plus a promise to myself to do fewer tomorrow.’
  • ‘Next come sit-ups, push-ups, lateral raises and bicep curls.’
  • ‘He began working on his body with endless push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.’
  • ‘However, some do speed it along by doing push-ups, pull-ups, and other strengthening routines.’
  • ‘Then, do as many push-ups and sit-ups as possible in one minute each with a two-minute rest interval in between.’
  • ‘The subjects increased their push-ups, running speed and grip strength wearing the peppermint strips.’
  • ‘Do five total clapping push-ups, then place your hands on a medicine ball and do push-ups that way till failure.’
  • ‘She traveled with her own bands, and relied on hotel staircases, push-ups and sit-ups for additional workouts.’
  • ‘To firm up the upper body, try push-up variations (wider or narrow hand placement) which work both sides of your arms and chest’
  • ‘At fitness-equipment stores, you also can buy special push-up handles designed for this purpose.’
  • ‘Get back up and repeat the jog / push-up cycle eight times.’
  • ‘I got into push-up position and heard some whistles and cat-calls behind me as I did my first one.’
  • ‘Start in a standard two-hand push-up position, hands shoulder-width apart.’
  • ‘I swear, if I have to do one more push-up, I'm gonna scream!’
  • ‘I did all kinds of push-up variations: diamond push-ups, grip wide, one hand forward and one back, one hand elevated, etc.’