Meaning of put into action in English:

put into action


  • Put into effect; carry out.

    ‘ideas need to be put into action’
    • ‘Richards said an up-do-date traffic survey needs to be carried out before any plans are put into action.’
    • ‘The effective dissolution of the group, which has been observing a ceasefire since 1996, may be announced in a few weeks, though it could take six months to put into action.’
    • ‘‘We're alarmed that what was threatened was put into action,’ Mr Dale said.’
    • ‘Sadie can come to a company and organise a ‘brainstorming meetings’ where ideas are discussed, up dated and put into action.’
    • ‘It is about love and compassion put into action - not oppression.’
    • ‘Pratyabhijna says with emphasis that knowledge put into action or practice is really meaningful.’
    • ‘A major new coast protection plan for Clacton has been drawn up, after two years of research, and will cost £34 million to put into action.’
    • ‘Problem solving tactics were put into action (all a bit much at 7.43 am).’
    • ‘After two years of successful human and cattle trials on the heart-rate monitor, it is now being developed by a firm who say that it could be put into action as early as next year.’
    • ‘However there were a few changes and improvements suggested for the various stalls and these will be put into action at the next sale’
    • ‘And what does a report like that put into action, in terms of an investigation?’
    • ‘The County Emergency Service Plan was put into action as fire brigades and ambulance crews arrived at the scene’
    • ‘The recovery plan to be put into action by the new team addresses issues raised in a damning Corporate Governance Inspection report last summer.’
    • ‘As I mentioned in Friday's blog entry, Plan B was put into action.’
    • ‘We're a long way from seeing these cuts put into action, but I'm cautiously optimistic.’
    • ‘Five Government reports have been drawn up into epilepsy since 1953 but campaigners claim none has been put into action.’
    • ‘A bid to get a repair operation under way was put into action.’
    • ‘I hope this ID card idea will be put into action in the near future.’
    • ‘The speed restrictions will be put into action throughout the village centre after no objections were received to the order.’
    execute, apply, put into action, put into effect, put into practice, carry out, carry through, perform, enact, administer