Meaning of put one's twopenn'orth in in English:

put one's twopenn'orth in


informal British
  • Contribute one's opinion.

    • ‘I know everyone's slagging it off but I'll have to add my twopenn'orth.’
    • ‘As usual when I start reading a thread like this, I itch to add my twopenn'orth (/ two cents worth), then I read on and find that others have beaten me to it and I'm left with about a hap'orth (/ half a cent's worth).’
    • ‘My twopenn'orth would be that the ‘problem’ occurs because of a conflating of print and web design criteria.’
    • ‘Also putting in their twopenn'orths were the show's compiler and editor and the odd unseen producer.’
    • ‘‘He has always put in his twopenn'orth, even when he was a kid, asking: ‘What are you doing that for?’
    • ‘Hi guys, I've read this forum for months now, and since I have a bit of insight into this, rather than listening to some pretty cool ‘experts’, I'll add my twopenn'orth.’
    • ‘If I may add my experienced twopenn'orth, the media can only report what it has been told by the police, and it's very naive indeed to think that the police lay all their cards on the table at every press conference.’
    • ‘I have put in my twopenn'orth. ah I remember. I commented last Sunday and posted the link, but we were still so excited it all got lost!’
    • ‘I predicted last issue that the kerfuffle over his remarks (reprinted opposite) would have died down by the time I got around to offering my twopenn'orth, and I was right.’
    • ‘To add my twopenn'orth (now there's a mean tip) to the percentage debate, I normally leave around 10%, or 15% if I feel a larger-than-usual tip is in order.’