Meaning of put something aside in English:

put something aside

phrasal verb

  • 1Save money for future use.

    ‘we have a little bit put aside in the bank’
    • ‘He is saving slowly, putting a little money aside when he can.’
    • ‘Imagine putting your money aside for your retirement only to find that it's not there.’
    • ‘It is the second time in just over a year this has happened and I now want the council to put some money aside as a precaution for next year.’
    • ‘Hopefully I'll still make enough money this month to pay my bills and put some money aside.’
    • ‘Try to budget to put some money aside to cope with an unexpected event.’
    • ‘Bills or no bills you've got to put something aside for the future.’
    • ‘You need to make a Will, plan ahead for inheritance tax and put some money aside for funeral expenses.’
    • ‘I will put some money aside for my son and his family, but the rest will go towards the church, the community, and charity.’
    • ‘She is putting every cent aside for an operation which will save her son's sight.’
    • ‘The study also found that 20 per cent of firms put no budget aside for developing skills, while 39 per cent never measure the value of training schemes.’
    save, lay by, put by, put away, lay aside, set aside, put to one side, deposit, reserve, keep in reserve, keep, store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache
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  • 2Forget or disregard something, typically a feeling or a past difference of opinion.

    ‘the rival firms put aside their differences’
    • ‘Political differences and personality clashes can be put aside at times for the benefit of the whole community.’
    • ‘My brothers and I would promise to put our differences aside and try our hardest not to argue, fuss, or fight.’
    • ‘European Union countries are going to have to put their differences aside.’
    • ‘In fairness when the election is over we will put political differences aside and look at the bigger issues.’
    • ‘As the dinner commenced, all differences were put aside in the spirit of Thanksgiving and sharing.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is time the families put their differences aside.’
    • ‘I welcome any attempt by all members of this House to join together, put political differences aside, and be constructive for once.’
    • ‘He softens his heart a little and puts his prejudices aside when confronted with his past on Christmas.’
    • ‘We believe that as a result of the discussions the county council reservations will be put aside.’
    • ‘Both had their reservations, but a lot of the pettiness had been put aside.’
    disregard, set aside, ignore, pay no heed to, forget, discount, shrug off, bury, consign to oblivion
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