Meaning of put something behind one in English:

put something behind one

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  • Get over a bad experience by distancing oneself from it.

    ‘they have tried to put their grief behind them and rebuild their lives’
    • ‘Today, they've put this experience behind them.’
    • ‘Everyone in the family just wants to put this terrible experience behind us and make a fresh start.’
    • ‘She very much appreciated the kindness shown to her by those around her and is determined to get on with her life and to put this horrible experience behind her.’
    • ‘I accepted the two months' salary they offered, and I put the experience behind me.’
    • ‘She wanted to start putting her nightmare behind her.’
    • ‘‘I had hoped to go faster but at least it shows I'm getting my fitness back and putting the trials behind me,’ she said.’
    • ‘He tried to get on with life, putting the tragedies behind him and spending as much time with his remaining grandchildren as possible.’
    • ‘The widowed bride quickly puts the event behind her.’
    • ‘He was hoping to sort out his life and put his crimes behind him.’
    • ‘They want to put their ordeal behind them and get on with their lives.’
    consign something to the past, put something down to experience, forget about something, pay no heed to something, ignore, regard as water under the bridge
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