Meaning of put something down to in English:

put something down to

phrasal verb

  • Attribute something to.

    ‘if I forget anything, put it down to old age’
    • ‘She puts her longevity down to, ‘hard work, hardship and hard times’.’
    • ‘I would put his erratic behaviour down to two things however: the sheer volume of junk food he devours and the monotony of being on the road for long periods of time.’
    • ‘Some of the credit for this improvement has been put down to increased use of the CCTV network.’
    • ‘He puts his success down to always looking to tighten operations and make savings, but never at the cost of quality.’
    • ‘Aged just 38 her death was put down to a wasting disease.’
    • ‘After a four-and-a-half-hour wait the youngster was examined and his illness was put down to stress.’
    • ‘But although his death has been put down to natural causes, police have said there are suspicious circumstances surrounding it.’
    • ‘I think our success can be put down to our friendly staff and the care we take in removing some of the mystery from buying a home.’
    • ‘He sustained grave internal injuries and his swift recovery was put down to the rapid response of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, which got him to intensive care without delay.’
    • ‘This season, part of her winning philosophy has been put down to a new rigid fitness programme.’
    ascribe, assign, accredit, credit, impute, allot, allocate