Meaning of put words into someone's mouth in English:

put words into someone's mouth


  • 1Inaccurately report what someone has said.

    ‘I've been critical of people or groups of people on my website, but in the case of non-public figures, I never named names or put words into their mouth.’
    • ‘Instead of putting words into the president's mouth in order to look smart, journalists ought to try looking up what he said.’
    • ‘Well, there goes one journalist's attempt to put words into someone's mouth.’
    • ‘Police will not be able to put words into the detainee's mouth, but incriminating statements which appear on the tape will be difficult to deny.’
    1. 1.1Prompt someone to say something that they may not otherwise have said.
      ‘They'll temper that with the suggestion that the mother put words into the boy 's mouth to come up with this story.’
      • ‘My apologies if I seemed to be putting words into your mouth.’
      • ‘I didn't say that so don't go putting words into my mouth.’
      • ‘I am sorry, I am not trying to put words into the member's mouth.’
      • ‘I guess you could say that I sort of became a soldier of fortune, or something romantic like that but don't put words into my mouth, I didn't say ‘mercenary’.’
      • ‘That's what… I mean, David, you don't put words into my mouth.’
      • ‘Please don't put words into my mouth that I have not used.’
      • ‘I hate it when people put words into my mouth or when they imply something that I should do.’
      • ‘My colleague did not say that at any time during the many answers she gave to questions in this House, and that member should not put words into her mouth.’
      • ‘In her last letter she asked her sister-in-law Elisabeth not to blame Louis-Charles and to remember how easy it is to put words into a child 's mouth.’