Meaning of puter in English:



  • A computer.

    • ‘There are much better things to do than sit in front of a puter today.’
    • ‘The next day, coffee in hand, you turn on your puter.’
    • ‘I must be tired, the puter seems slow to me.’
    • ‘I had to reload the puter in order to fix some problems.’
    • ‘Spyware can slow your puter to a crawl, taking minutes to open a site.’
    • ‘You don't realize by clicking the X that a small hidden piece of code has just been downloaded to your puter.’
    • ‘Keep your puter protected, your well being may depend on it.’
    • ‘Tomorrow and the next day I have Treaty Training, so I won't be near a puter during the day.’
    • ‘The janitor gave me an extension cable so I could get my puter plugged in.’
    • ‘It can log your keystrokes, mine your data, reboot your puter, even cause it to not boot up.’
    • ‘So I guess I will need to take it into the shop where they have the tools and parts to troubleshoot the puter efficiently.’
    • ‘Anyway, before I had the chance to find one I liked, the puter crashed and I forgot all about it.’
    • ‘Mark yawns, gets out of his chair, clicks the mouse and publishes his blog entry and waits for the puter to shut the hell down.’
    • ‘I recieved a reply on bleeping puter.’
    • ‘The puter does indeed have a virus.’
    • ‘This morning the puter was dead again, and wouldn't respond to a reboot.’
    • ‘Geez the puter is really slow!’
    • ‘Is your personel information stored safe on your puter or is it being mined to a geeky looking guy sitting in the dark half a continent away?’
    • ‘Does anyone know if you could hook up two puters to the same line and surf the net at the same time using any of the broadband packages?’
    • ‘This kind just puts a cookie on your puter and tracks you as you go from website to website.’


1990s abbreviation.