Meaning of putz in English:


Pronunciation /pʊts/ /pʌts/

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North American
  • 1informal A stupid or worthless person.

    • ‘I'm not some two-bit putz who doesn't know the difference between Ouzo and Dom Perignon’
    • ‘Daphne is not beautiful, and Daphne is a putz, a klutz.’
    • ‘Problem is, Polsky doesn't have the chutzpah to go through with it - and he's a putz.’
    • ‘Not that the Dad was much better, but he seemed a little more natural around them, even if he was a putz and a control freak.’
    • ‘But let's say you're one step above a putz or a show-off.’
    • ‘He runs crying to Uwe, the putz who works as a feng shui consultant and has fountains and sand gardens in his home.’
    • ‘‘You're an arrogant putz,’ a teacher yells at his student.’
    • ‘But then again, I'm the putz who ate artichoke leaves.’
    • ‘But our portly putz doesn't realize that, when discovering the truth, you may not get exactly what you want.’
    • ‘As Dracula, Dominic Purcell is a putz, and represents one of the worst villain casting decisions of the year.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he was such a putz during the rest of the movie that I had difficulty believing he could be both people.’
    • ‘A disturbingly perky androgynous sprite tries to spread the joy of music to an unpopular putz named Buzz.’
    • ‘Serves the putz right for letting his hormones swim around unsupervised.’
    • ‘Usually I would pass on a crazy broad like this but no woman was going to treat me like a putz.’
    • ‘In fact, Santorum is such a putz that he was once named the the dumbest member of Congress.’
    • ‘The putz that Greta put in charge up there probably gave them no option.’
    • ‘With that high center of gravity you're twice as likely as some putz in a Pontiac to tip precariously onto two wheels.’
    • ‘‘But a good looking putz,’ he joked, kissing my cheekbone gently.’
    • ‘Boss David Brent (creator Ricky Gervais) is the prototypical, uninspiring putz with a bad goatee and an even worse sense of humor.’
    • ‘I'd have an easier time believing that Nick was a rocket scientist than a mean spirited putz.’
    • ‘They often rightly forget some putz's inane sloganeering.’
    idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
  • 2vulgar slang A man's penis.


[no object]informal North American
  • Engage in inconsequential or unproductive activity.

    • ‘too much putzing around up there would ruin them’
    • ‘Let's see, at last count there were at least two charming little robots putzing about the surface of the ‘Red Planet’.’
    • ‘Okay, I was just putzing around on the net waiting for R. to wake up and stumbled on to Crazy eBay mom.’
    • ‘Julian was putzing around behind the bar when Gloria came over to visit him.’
    • ‘He/she will then putz along at 50 kilometres an hour while sightseeing.’
    • ‘It took us twice as long as my normal pace alone to putz our way through the dark streets to my apartment.’
    • ‘I am totally free to play games, read, putz around with my site, organize my MP3s, surf the web, watch movies or sleep.’


1920s Yiddish pots ‘penis, fool’, of unknown origin.