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  • 1A difficult question or problem.

    ‘A puzzler for the impaired - what sort of ‘asset’ requires that you borrow more money to cash it in?’
    • ‘I got four in 13 minutes but the last one was a puzzler.’
    • ‘Godot was, of course, and still is, a bit of a puzzler.’
    • ‘I'll let you figure out which is which, it's not much of a puzzler.’
    • ‘Again this is a puzzler, because now that they know the name of the Bahamian running it, you think that they could shut it down.’
    • ‘It tries to answer the perennial puzzler: Why do so many top comedians come from the North-west?’
    • ‘The fact that divination works at all is a puzzler for a rationalist materialist model of the world.’
    • ‘Pages two, three, four and five of the safety card are also real puzzlers.’
    • ‘His latest movie, Finding Forrester, is a real puzzler.’
    • ‘But it's really no puzzler: bad news for workers on Main Street can often add up to good news for investors on Wall Street.’
    • ‘Here, for the benefit of readers who have not previously encountered this puzzler, is what the fuss is all about.’
    • ‘Why Rogers chose to take out his frustrations on the cameramen is another puzzler.’
    • ‘If you think you have an answer to this puzzler feel free to leave it in the comment section.’
    • ‘Unlike Shakespeare's puzzler, gene technology may provide an answer within the next few decades.’
    • ‘But there were six puzzlers that actually made some sense.’
    • ‘Almost always these puzzlers give themselves up to an imaginative rereading, to speculation, just as in a passage of poetry.’
    • ‘Milo has no idea who sprung him, or why, which is the first puzzler in this dizzying web of intrigue.’
    • ‘From time to time, I'll drop in a bit of a puzzler for you on this page.’
    • ‘St.Croix always manages to confuse, delight and inform me, but this month's installment was a real puzzler.’
    • ‘Somehow, and this is the puzzler, the marketing machine had convinced Americans that Titanic was one of the best movies of all time.’
  • 2A person who solves puzzles as a pastime.

    ‘If finding big trees is but one puzzle in the mystery of life, then be glad for puzzlers like Daniel.’
    • ‘The puzzler is usually given a collection of silhouettes to reproduce with the pieces.’
    • ‘These, and other puzzlers were given a good going over earlier this week.’
    • ‘It's similar to classic puzzlers Columns and Dr Mario.’
    • ‘Hardcore puzzlers plan their week around it, yet the show's central mystery - that of its imperishable appeal - remains unsolved.’
    difficult question, awkward problem, knotty problem, vexed question, tough one, puzzle, mystery, conundrum, puzzler, enigma, riddle



/ˈpʌzlə/ /ˈpʌzələ/