Meaning of pwnage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəʊnɪdʒ/


mass noun informal
  • (especially in video gaming) the action or fact of utterly defeating an opponent or rival.

    • ‘there is the potential for some major pwnage in this game’
    • ‘And we are back for a second day full of fun and pwnage!’
    • ‘Nothing beats that new console smell, except actually using that spiffy new console to enact some serious pwnage.’
    • ‘But the absolute pwnage of the Phillies will be worth remembering.’
    • ‘If the rivalry pwnage wasn't at tragic levels going into last year, it certainly is now.’
    • ‘Stop being noobz and resist the pwnage that is brought down upon you!’
    • ‘This chapter is all about pwnage, lots and lots of death and destruction.’
    • ‘It has been total pwnage this year awards-wise, and for that I have to thank my wonderful army of loyal readers.’
    • ‘Sometimes, all you want is pwnage, and there are games you will reach for again and again just to blow off steam and relax.’
    • ‘The game richly rewards you with feelings of accomplishment and pwnage then just as quickly yanks it all away leaving you mad and ready to quit.’
    • ‘The most satisfying episode of national self pwnage in cricketing history.’
    loss, beating, conquest, conquering, besting, worsting, vanquishing, vanquishment, game, set, and match


Early 21st century from pwn + -age.