Meaning of pylorus in English:


Pronunciation /pʌɪˈlɔːrəs/


  • The opening from the stomach into the duodenum.

    ‘A septum of connective tissue separates the circular muscle layers of the pylorus and duodenum.’
    • ‘A clear catheter entered the stomach at the gastrostomy site and had passed the pylorus into the duodenum.’
    • ‘If it is exactly in the midline, it may be the duodenal bulb, the pylorus, or the distal antrum.’
    • ‘The esophagus, antrum, pylorus, and duodenum were unremarkable.’
    • ‘Unless a duodenal switch is performed to lessen absorption, the pylorus and small intestine remain intact.’


Early 17th century via late Latin from Greek pulouros ‘gatekeeper’, from pulē ‘gate’ + ouros ‘warder’.