Meaning of Pythonesque in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpʌɪθəˈnɛsk/


  • Denoting or resembling the absurdist or surrealist humour or style of Monty Python's Flying Circus, a British television comedy series (1969–74)

    ‘the film is very funny in its Pythonesque deadpan’
    • ‘The Imponderables' humour is based around familiar, Pythonesque themes of deadpan absurdism.’
    • ‘The rather amusing and somewhat Monty Pythonesque The Weekly offers us the true origins of your name.’
    • ‘There's a Pythonesque element creeping in to this conversation.’
    • ‘The entire process is truly Pythonesque at times.’
    • ‘In a delightful twist of Pythonesque goodness, Overtaken By Events hosts the Carnival of the Vanities.’
    • ‘I can also say that the terrifically funny Pythonesque sequences had the first-night audience hooting and gasping.’
    • ‘He always looks as if he might suddenly revert to his real (as we imagine) Pythonesque character.’
    • ‘So you didn't laugh at Hephaestion's Pythonesque death scene?’
    • ‘Britain's final pitch for the Olympic Games got off to a Pythonesque start at Changi airport, Singapore, last Tuesday.’
    • ‘There seems to me a Pythonesque element to the rapt attention of the worshipers listening to the Gaza sheik.’
    • ‘Is it just me or are the National Front just the teensiest bit Pythonesque?’
    • ‘However, the whole thing is totally Pythonesque, with the pin striped suits and braces.’
    • ‘There's a Pythonesque edge to some of the fight sequences as a mistimed blade results in lost limbs.’
    • ‘What made the whole thing properly Pythonesque was John Motson and Jonathan Pearce's very professional commentary.’
    • ‘Several noted that there was something appropriately Pythonesque about the incident.’
    • ‘In fact, some of the detail of the passion for the game shown by him and his young contemporaries is almost Pythonesque.’
    • ‘He finds it, and then meets a trio of Pythonesque characters who give him a plastic bag.’