Meaning of qadi in English:


nounplural noun qadis

(also cadi)
  • (in Islamic countries) a judge.

    ‘Customary law and Muslim law are carried out by the cadis in matters of personal rights and inheritance.’
    • ‘The police and the French gendarmerie help the European judges who dispense justice in the penal system and constitute the court of appeals for the tribunals of Islamic judges (cadis).’
    • ‘The rabbis in their pulpits and the kadis in their mosques have erased the word from their lexicon.’
    • ‘Ottoman rulers provided a safe haven in Jerusalem, especially for Jews, who often preferred to settle their disputes in Ottoman courts and submitted to the verdicts awarded by Ottoman kadis (jurists).’
    • ‘In Islamic history, to be sure, separate functions of government have been identified - the sultan is the military-political ruler, the khalifs and imams have religious authority, and kadis pass judgments in conflicts.’



/ˈkɑːdi/ /ˈkeɪdi/


Late 16th century from Arabic qāḍī, from qaḍā ‘to judge’.