Meaning of quackery in English:


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mass noun
  • Dishonest practices and claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically medicine.

    ‘a website dedicated to exposing medical quackery’
    count noun ‘the belief that these quackeries actually work’
    • ‘Mesmerism is a bit of medical quackery developed in the 18th century by Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer.’
    • ‘These organizations are supposedly immune to quackery, pseudoscience, and plain swindles.’
    • ‘Substituting logic and reasoning for quackery and fraud appalls me.’
    • ‘Some psychiatrists dismiss EMDR as outright quackery.’
    • ‘Posting this sort of apparently innocuous message to newsgroups and mailing lists is one of the hallmarks of spammers and purveyors of quackery.’
    • ‘Let us not be put off by the use of the word holistic, which we have come frequently to associate with some homeopathic quackery.’
    • ‘Alarm made him listen to all manner of quackery.’
    • ‘Such quackeries do not make old people young and ugly girls pretty.’
    • ‘Exposing quackery in clinical psychology has in fact a much longer history than the article notes.’
    • ‘I'm sure you that know the entire profession is based on unscientific quackery.’