Meaning of quad bike in English:

quad bike


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  • A motorcycle with four large tyres, for off-road use.

    ‘The boot space takes the luggage of a family of four, excluding quad bikes.’
    • ‘We looked up and saw lads at the side of the ground revving up their quad bikes and motorcycles.’
    • ‘There will also be quad bikes and a 4x4 off-road area where visitors can drive vehicles.’
    • ‘We have had quad bikes and off-road bikes roaring past the garden centre, right through our car park.’
    • ‘Fifty nine cars are entered, 35 quad bikes, 25 motorcycles and one truck.’
    • ‘Hooligans on quad bikes and motorcycles who terrorise neighbourhoods face anti-social behaviour orders.’
    • ‘Goods purchased in this way include sofas, motorcycles and quad bikes.’
    • ‘Some of the best times we had together were spent riding quad bikes off road, up hills and across rivers.’
    • ‘At each farm he stole Suzuki, Ferguson and Honda quad bikes and trailers.’
    • ‘They hope that this will help to prevent further damage by off-road vehicles, motorbikes, quad bikes and 4x4s.’
    • ‘He has had a couple of quad bikes and a petrol scooter before.’
    • ‘Keep your quad bike well maintained, making regular checks to tyre pressures, brakes and throttle.’
    • ‘It took four months to put the quad bike together.’
    • ‘At Plane Tree Hill, Yeadon, they have also helped to stop the illegal use of motor and quad bikes.’
    • ‘Property stolen includes equestrian equipment, trailers, quad bikes and garden tools usually stored in outbuildings.’
    • ‘The machine called Matilda is constructed of a trailer drawn by a quad bike and has been used at ploughing matches.’
    • ‘For kids, the fun includes myriad rides, giant tubes, a mini train, quad bikes and camel and pony rides.’
    • ‘Up to fifteen youths in the estate have quad bikes and nowhere to use them.’
    • ‘I started to notice as I went to and from work that there were one or two regulars riding on quad bikes.’
    • ‘The grass is being ruined by the vans and lorries and by the travellers' quad bikes.’