Meaning of quadrant in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwɒdr(ə)nt/

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  • 1 technical Each of four quarters of a circle.

    ‘Arrange the bricks evenly around the circumference, leaving no large gaps, then divide the circle into four equal quadrants with remaining bricks.’
    • ‘In the north-east quadrant was a second circle, although little survives.’
    • ‘Use it to snap to the nearest quadrant of an arc, circle, ellipse, elliptical arc, and some 3D solids.’
    • ‘Note how these match up with the four quadrants of competing values in figure 1.’
    • ‘Madhavan said: ‘There are four quadrants in the verification arena.’’
    • ‘The plot of changes in minimum versus maximum size data shows that changes are not equally distributed over the four quadrants.’
    • ‘We view the potential outcomes in four quadrants.’
    • ‘The four quadrants of the productivity matrix range from major projects with short deadlines to tasks that are much less important.’
    • ‘The four quadrants of Kolb's model deal with the processes whereby knowledge is transformed through experience.’
    • ‘A raised cylindrical ceiling has four quadrants radiating from the center.’
    • ‘The stripes give it an optical energy and the four quadrants satisfy the synergy needs.’
    • ‘In each of the resulting four quadrants of the model, we examine the issues and considerations.’
    • ‘Time Code begins by gradually ‘opening up’ each of the four quadrants.’
    • ‘Growth in both the drug quadrants indicated high level resistance to both streptomycin and gentamicin.’
    • ‘The winds in all four quadrants can be measured after just two trips through the eye.’
    1. 1.1Each of four parts of a plane, sphere, space, or body divided by two lines or planes at right angles.
      ‘the right upper quadrant of the kidney’
      • ‘Dividing the newspapers into quadrants by circulation size gave the same revelation.’
      • ‘We divided the study area into four 24 m X 16.5 rn quadrants (quarters).’
      • ‘If one imagines a square with four quadrants, the top left-hand quadrant is the case where there is a simple breach of confidentiality.’
      • ‘Ohlson varies his regular structure by making two rectangles within each of four vertical quadrants.’
      • ‘The grids were separated into four quadrants and the stomata were counted in each quadrant.’
      • ‘The effect is enhanced by the division of the image into four equal quadrants framed by shiny, grooved metal molding.’
      • ‘Dart's star was visible in the upper-left quadrant of the rectangular view screen, glowing a bright yellow-orange.’
      • ‘It has a lot to offer and we're finding in our research now that we are appealing to all four quadrants.’
      • ‘The allotment is based around four quadrants with different growing activity in each one.’
      • ‘In lupins, division of the shoot meristem into four quadrants gives four new meristems that each develop a shoot.’
      • ‘In most cases, the physician asks the patient to count fingers in all four quadrants.’
      • ‘It was made by casting a cross foundation on site to carry the four precast quadrants of the platform.’
      • ‘If you register at the site, you can take a 2x2 cube grid and select colors for each four quadrants.’
      • ‘Organize your kitchen into these four quadrants by keeping related items together in the same area.’
      • ‘Each of the four quadrants of the image is a physically separate camera.’
      • ‘If the patient does not know of any tender area, make a very light survey of the four quadrants with your examining hand.’
      • ‘A hit movie scores in all four quadrants, a successful one in three.’
      • ‘If you go Cartesian and map out four quadrants, you get these categories.’
      • ‘Once a suitable thumbnail sketch was chosen, I had my students enlarge their drawings by gridding the thumbnails into four quadrants.’
      • ‘Mina's prophecy was fulfilled - the Brotherhood was defeated when the four quadrants had queens to rule over them.’
      • ‘There are stairways, escalators, and elevators in all quadrants of the station.’
  • 2 historical An instrument used for taking angular measurements of altitude in astronomy and navigation, typically consisting of a graduated quarter circle and a sighting mechanism.

    ‘Millburn shows that much of the business, for George Sr. and Jr., was in quadrants and other navigational instruments.’
    • ‘Lavanha also studied instruments used in navigation, constructing astrolabes, quadrants and compasses.’
    • ‘In 1730 he invented a quadrant which measured the altitude of the Sun or of a star.’
    • ‘For example, the key tools of navigators - the quadrant and the astrolabe - were of Jewish manufacture.’
    • ‘Another early navigational instrument that relied on the same principles as the quadrant was the mariner's astrolabe.’
  • 3A frame fixed to the head of a ship's rudder, to which the steering mechanism is attached.

    ‘Cables or chains run round a quadrant attached to the top of the rudder shaft.’
    • ‘Above the stern a large steering quadrant is still attached to the rudder post.’
    • ‘At the top is the steering quadrant, while at the bottom the rudder lies flat against the seabed.’
    • ‘Right at the stern the steering quadrant is intact and still attached to the rudder shaft.’
    • ‘The ring of the steering quadrant is gilded with plumose anemones.’
    • ‘Ben points out the area where he has found shell casings in the past, just below the steering quadrant.’
    • ‘Everything becomes clear when I meet the rudder post, steering quadrant and stern gun just off the edge in 27m.’
    1. 3.1A panel with slots through which a lever is moved to orient or otherwise control a mechanism.
      ‘At the first sign of engine failure, the pilot must advance all six levers on the power quadrant.’
      • ‘Each unit consisted of a quadrant and bellcrank assembly, a control valve, an actuator cylinder assembly and a bypass control assembly.’
      • ‘Acceptable growth on the control quadrants indicated acceptable quality control.’
      • ‘The lever and quadrant will go on a stand beside the engineers knee.’
      • ‘I shall move the Trenton into the unexplored quadrant behind the Milky Way and search for any remaining human warships.’
      • ‘I instead had him look at the throttle quadrant, as I pushed the release mechanism.’


Late Middle English (denoting the astronomical instrument): from Latin quadrans, quadrant- ‘quarter’, from quattuor ‘four’.