Meaning of quadrat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwɒdrət/


  • 1Ecology
    Each of a number of small areas of habitat, typically of one square metre, selected at random to act as samples for assessing the local distribution of plants or animals.

    ‘For every nightly census, a minimum of three and a maximum of 21 quadrats were sampled.’
    • ‘A total of 199 quadrats were sampled in closed canopy areas.’
    • ‘Territory quadrats were the vegetation quadrats sampled at the center of each of 88 territories.’
    • ‘Nonuse quadrats were the 413 vegetation quadrats that fell outside of territories.’
    • ‘Forest quadrats showed a less pronounced seasonal decline in light availability.’
    1. 1.1A portable frame, typically with an internal grid, used to mark out a quadrat.
      ‘A plastic grid with 25 small quadrats (each corresponding to 4% of the total cover) was used.’
      • ‘Canopy cover was dominated by Quercus macrocarpa with a relative frequency of 63% of quadrats with a wooded canopy.’
      • ‘Percent cover of each species in the herb stratum was estimated visually using a portable 1 X 1 m quadrat with 1 dm graduations.’
  • 2Printing
    (in letterpress printing) a small block of metal, lower than the face of the type, inserted to fill up short lines or adjust spacing.


Late Middle English (in sense ‘instrument for measuring altitude or distance’): from Latin quadratum quadrate.