Meaning of quadratus in English:


Pronunciation /kwɒˈdreɪtəs/

nounplural noun quadrati/kwɒˈdreɪtʌɪ/

  • Any of several roughly square or rectangular muscles, e.g. in the abdomen, thigh, and eye socket.

    ‘The fourth layer is composed of a single muscle, pronator quadratus, which is not seen at this level.’
    • ‘In this section pronator quadratus is thinning and is seen for the last time.’
    • ‘The quadratus femoris and obturator externus muscles appear for the first time in this section.’
    • ‘The extension of muscle fibers onto the fascia of psoas or quadratus lumborum occurs occasionally.’
    • ‘Adductor minimus may be innervated by the nerve to quadratus femoris.’


Mid 18th century from Latin, literally ‘made square’.