Meaning of quadrotor in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwɒdrəʊtə/


  • another term for quadcopter

    ‘researchers have developed a quadrotor you can steer with your brain’
    • ‘In the wrong hands, even these simple quadrotors could cause significant issues for aircraft.’
    • ‘Reckless scientists have created a swarm of flying quadrotors that react to human gestures and movements.’
    • ‘She gives the quadrotors simple instructions via computer, but the vehicles decide how to get from Point A to Point B on their own.’
    • ‘Quadrotors could also use sensors to detect radiation levels and other biological hazards, he said.’
    • ‘Just as the first industrial robots revolutionized the factory floor with their precision, stamina and strength, quadrotors could quite literally apply the same abilities anywhere.’
    • ‘In a stunning video that debuted this week in Las Vegas, he choreographs an aerial swarm of robot quadrotors to an electronic dance track.’
    • ‘It does still require a certain amount of accuracy, but as we all know, quadrotors have no problem with even the most complex aerodynamic feats!’
    • ‘Learn the physics behind how quadrotors fly - and how they can do it without any human help at all.’
    • ‘Infrared cameras placed throughout a test-flying area communicate with tiny sensors on the quadrotors, feeding into a computer-based navigation system.’
    • ‘Each autonomous quadrotor manages to hold their position in the formation perfectly.’
    • ‘Cutting-edge research is continuing to increase the viability of quadrotors by making advances in multi-craft communication, environment exploration, and maneuverability.’