Meaning of quaestor in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwiːstə/


  • (in ancient Rome) any of a number of officials who had charge of public revenue and expenditure.

    ‘Chosen by C. Marius as his quaestor he distinguished himself in the Numidian War.’
    • ‘Once again, elections were held for aedile, praetor, quaestor and the other traditional offices of the Republic.’
    • ‘Another specialist was the quaestor, whose duty was to look after all the money matter.’
    • ‘Caesar serves as quaestor under governor of Further Spain.’
    • ‘Derek Watson, the university's quaestor and factor, said: ‘There will be significant planning issues but we are determined to reduce our carbon footprint.’’


Latin, from an old form of quaesit- ‘sought’, from the verb quaerere.