Meaning of quaestuary in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwiːstjʊəri/


  • Concerned with profit; moneymaking.

    ‘The quaestuary preachers drain the very blood and marrow of the poor simple people.’
    • ‘In 1567, it was found necessary to prohibit quaestuary, or venal indulgences.’
    • ‘This may be termed the qaestuary class, this being the end which they aim at.’
    • ‘Her death seemed personal, though, not the act of a quaestuary hitman, someone into killing for profit.’
    greedy, hoarding, covetous, avaricious, possessive, grasping, grabbing, predatory, avid, rapacious, mercenary, materialistic, money-oriented


Late 16th century from Latin quaestuarius, from quaestus ‘gain’.